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Welcome to our new site. Thank you so much for your patience. We have been super busy this year. Lots of changes to SiQ Clothing.

We now are on YouTube and teaching our craft on sewing and costuming. SO, if there is anything you want to learn how to sew or any troubles you have run into and want a second opinion (for lack of batter term) lol just ask.

I have several videos up now from Learning how to sew a costume from scratch start to finish. We used our commission for the Jack Nicholson Joker costume to start off this series. We also have a few costume review videos to show you the behind the scenes footage of making our costumes from scratch.

These are really fun and show you SOME of what goes into recreating a costume from start to finish. Because there are so much that goes into our costumes. If you would like to see more and up close and personal you can follow us on Instagram and check our our IG stories or follow us on Snapchat.

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