SiQ Clothing Policies & Procedures

See something you have to have and now you want to place an order?

Easy, send me a message (I try and respond in  a few hours) Please remember we may have a time difference. I am PST (pacific standard time)

Once we agree on costume item, turn around time, price & all the important info, I will send you payment info through Paypal (you may use a credit cart to pay through Paypal without having to sign up for an account) You will need to make Payment within 24 hrs unless I specify differently or the order will be cancelled on my end.
Once payment is made there are NO cancellations, refunds, exchanges or returns of any kinda as I use the down payment to purchase supplies to make your costume. I work on a first come first serve basis (payment wise) & am a very busy shop year round. Once I receive your order I will message you with a receipt if you need one & your measurement charts and other info you will need for the custom build.

My biggest P&P is that if you do purchase a costume from me & there does happen to be any fit issues COME TO ME FIRST TO FIX! I generally do it free of charge unless you have provided me with measurements that clearly are not correct (which is why I always STRESS going to a tailor or seamstress you can trust to measure you properly.) The minute you take my costume to another tailor or seamstress to have them make adjustments, the P&P between you and I are 100% null & void, no exceptions. I only guarantee my work.


Payment plans are a privilege!

PLEASE do not miss a payment without messaging me first. If we agree on a weekly or bi-weekly amount make sure you set an alarm or reminder so I don't have to chase you for your payment. I am understanding that situations come up with finances, so If you need to skip a payment please just message me and I'll work with you!


My Policies & Procedures are at the discretion of the customer to look up and know. I do send them out with my custom order quotes or send a linked message where to find them. I have an open door policy to any questions or concerns & can be contacted pretty much any time of day with questions.

SiQ Policies & Procedures