Back to the Future Cop Uniforms

Back to the Future Cop Uniforms

These are the cop Uniforms from BTTF.

They are made of a Med-weight Suiting/woven fabric (no stretch shirt) Pants are a Walmart brand. They both come with either a Foley or Casey Badge. They have the gold buttons i various places on the jacket to mimic the real uniforms. The badges are made of 2 layers of plexiglass that has paint inbetween them (to protect the paint from chipping) and a 3D clay cop star on the outside. The backs of them have 2 button pins attached top and bottom to keep the badge secure on the shirt.


These were used for a charity event for BTTF where we got to meet a good portion of the cast and the one and only Bob Gale (producer and writer of BTTF)


Foley Shirt

Bust: 38"

Waist 36"

Pant: White Stag M

8 - 10 Average


Casey Shirt

Bust: 38"

Waist: 36"





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Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman Costume

My daughter is very happy with her Catwoman costume, absolutely loves it, can’t get her out of it!


We appreciate your efforts, your high quality work (which fits her perfectly), great communication, before on-time delivery, and general ease of purchase.


A great outcome and thank you.


—  Dominic 2018