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Want to order Something custom?

Here's how my custom orders work!

  • Message us with a photo or two of the costume/clothing you want made. This is your time to SPEAK UP!!! If there is something you want changed with your costume or alteration you want to the original design (so you can use the potty easier at cons, if you are athletic or just crazy and need more room to Parkour & not pop seams... OR make it fit tighter in areas to show off the hard work you been doing in gym ;) lol Let me know straight out of the gate so we can make sure to address all the details.

  • If our commissions are open we will give you a price quote within 48hrs. We only handle fabric parts of costumes now, NO appliance parts. We are NOT your average costume shop, we make more hard to find, custom one of a kind, unique costumes & clothing. Sorry guys that means NO Spiderman, Superman or Zentai suits. But if you are not sure if your idea falls into this category just message us! We'll let you know.

  • Once you have been sent a price quote you will have 48hrs to Pay in full OR make your deposit if you are going to do our payment program (must be approved through owner first) or pass on the commission. Our turn around time changes day to day & we typically have a 3 to 4 month wait list to get custom work done.

  • Once you make your 1st payment you will be sent measurement charts that you will need to go to a tailor local to you and get measured "DO NOT MEASURE YOURSELF". We will look over your measurements & profile photos you send us but are not held responsible for measurement mishaps. So, make sure you go to a tailor, seamstress, mom or granny that you trust & feel comfortable with. If you are in Vegas or close by, please come to me for fittings.

  • IF you are on our payment plans, DO NOT MISS ANY PAYMENTS

  • Once your order is placed & Deposit is made there are absolutely NO cancellations, NO exchanges, NO Refunds Period.

  • Once your order comes up in my work rotation I will message you to let you know you're up & will post small clips of working on your costume on our social media (Instagram Stories - SiQclothingOfficial -  BIG thing to remember here is you can't rush art!

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