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Natasha Romanoff, winter soldier, jacket replica

Natasha Romanoff, winter soldier, jacket replica

This is a price quote for Black Widows Jacket from

Winter soldier!

This price quote includes:

• Long Sleeve olive green Jacket

•Hooded striped vest attache to the outter jacket inside.

This Jacket is made of a solid olive poly poplin fabric for the base/outter laver.

The striped fabric is a cotton/jersey knit fabric.

The striped layer will be attached to the outter jacket by the sleeves and side of jacket to reduce bulk & zip in the front.

The Outter layer will be a button up jacket with a hidden placket. There will be the 4 pockets & plain cuff like the original jacket with I button.


    Absolutely NO refunds, NO returns, NO cancellations or NO exchanges, including small "ready made" items we sell seasonally. Non-Negotiable.Please contact me immediately & directly if you have any questions or concerns regarding your order.

    PLEASE see my Policies & Procedures page for more info!


    PLEASE be sure to see the turn around time in the listing or contact me directly for that info as it can change frequently depending on the time of year & how busy I am. If you need an item sooner then listed you will need to message me prior to placing your order to be sure I can accommodate the turn around time.

    If you can't find that info, please message me.

    Absolutely NO refunds, NO returns, NO cancellations or NO exchanges, including small "ready made" items we sell seasonally. Non-Negotiable.

    *** Please, please DO NOT measure yourself ***
    When placing a custom order through my shop I do provide detailed measurement chats that you can take to any local alterations shop or seamstress that can take them for your professionally. I make all of my costumes off the measurements you provide. Please submit them to us in Inches format.

    Getting your self measured is VERY important! You need to go to a tailor you trust! I suggest going to a tailor of the same sex as some of the full body measurements can be a little uncomfortable for either party.

    If you are not sure of your measurements you can always contact us directly for additional options. We now have a fully detailed video on our YouTube Channel showing how our measurements are meant to be taken so you can be better informed. (YouTube: SiQ Clothing)


    Ready Made Items: 

    My shipping turn around time is generally 1 - 5 days or sooner if we can accommodate it and it does not fall on a weekend or holiday. You should receive your shipping tracking number within the 1 - 5 business days unless specified differently by me. In some cases we can upgrade your shipping to FedEx or UPS (at your expense) to get your items to you on time. But as a general rule we only use USPS.

    Items purchased on Friday typically ship Monday morning unless we both agree differently. DM for more info.


    Custom Made Items: 

    VARY (please inquire). Each costume can take a different amount of time to create depending on complexity, fabrics used, If we have to create fabric from scratch or have sublimations done etc.

    I ship USPS standard, priority & expedited shipping, (except international) 



    IF you have "not confirmed" your address on your account AND/OR you have not used proper mailing address grammar ie (Capital letters, periods & proper street names or proper abbreviations or your Name is too long) & there is a delay on your shipping. SiQ Clothing (Susie Knudsen) is NOT responsible for this shipping delay. So please be sure to recheck your mailing info. 

    IF you have a package “stuck in shipping” You will need to contact your local post office to sort out your package location. We are not USPS or any other carrier and can not do anything after it has left our hands. In the case that USPS does return an item to us (undeliverables addresses only) we will contact you to work out re-shipping your package.

    SiQ Clothing (Susie Knudsen) is NOT responsible for customs duties, taxes, fees or shipping delays of ANY kind.

    *Insurance is NOT included on any of my orders. If you wish to have your item insured you will need to pay the extra ins. amount when paying for item, as SiQ Clothing (Susie Knudsen) will not be held responsible for any lost stolen or damaged packages once shipped.

    **We do provide tracking through USPS on all of our orders.  A signature confirmation will be required for high value orders over $600 USD (this is non-negotiable). If there are any problems with your shipment we will do what we can to help remedy the problem but again we are not USPS. Thank you

    ***I am sorry but international shipping is not guaranteed. I typically ship international first class. You the Buyer are responsible for any Import tax or boarder taxes on items you may purchase from me as it is not included in our price. Signature confirmations are not applicable to international shipping per USPS policies and procedures.


    SiQ Clothing reserves the right to refuse service.

    I work on a first come first serve basis for custom work. Typically June to October are my busiest months so don’t wait till the last minute to place your order or we unfortunately may not be able to fit you in our schedule. 

    I always guarantee the highest quality of work. High quality fabrics and other materials.

    If you’d like to be part of our process, picking fabrics, design changes etc We’d love to work with you! If you request we can send out fabric swatches to choose from and email renderings of costume changes and alterations so you can visually see our plan (of course within reason). Additional charges may apply for samples being mailed out etc.

    I have been in business & been a seamstress for over 25 yrs now and take a HIGH amount of pride in my work.

    **NO returns, refunds or exchanges are accepted, as this is a custom build from scratch item & tailored to fit per order.

    NOTE: Please do NOT take the measurements yourself but have someone take them for you! This could cause the vest to not fit right. If you have any questions, I can be contacted directly via e-mail at


    We do send care instructions with all of our garment orders. On the off chance we fail to include it in your order, you can email me and we will send you a copy. OR We now have a fully detailed video on our YouTube Channel showing how we suggest caring for your costume, washing and storing. (YouTube: SiQ Clothing) 

    These are not a licensed, manufactured or mass produced garment. Ownership of the image(s), concept or likeness is NOT implied. This is made and sold as a tribute only. Money received is for craftsmanship & materials only. Thank you.


    I provide detailed measurement chats that you can take to any local alterations shop or seamstress that can take them for your professionally. I make all of my costumes off the measurements you provide. These need to be submitted in inches.

    Measurements MUST be taken with an actual measuring tape. DO NOT go by bra & pant sizes as this may cause your garment to possibly fit wrong. PLEASE DO NOT take the measurements yourself (Yes I can tell when this has happened in the past), have someone do it for you as this could cause the costume not to fit right. You can take my charts to any local alterations shop or tailor to have these professionally done so you are ensured a good fitting costume. IF you are a local here in Las Vegas, come to me for measurements! I will always have an assistant present.


    My turn around time changes week to week and depending on what time of year, even day to day as I am a super small company of 1 to 2 to ensure the highest quality guaranteed. IF you need a costume/costume piece by a certain date please let me know before making your purchase so I can make sure I can accommodate the turn around time.



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